What is Heavy Equipment Armor?

Heavy Equipment Armor is a company dedicated to building guard products for heavy equipment.

Why is it important to have Heavy Equipment Armor products when operating heavy equipment?

Heavy Equipment Armor’s enhanced products add another safety protection level for the operator and the machine. A company’s most valuable asset is protected – It’s people. This, in turn, reduces injuries which reduce business costs and disruption. Heavy Equipment Armor’s safety feature also improves work quality. Insurance claims decrease in safe work environments with Heavy Equipment Armor’s enhanced guarding.

How is Heavy Equipment Armor created?

Heavy Equipment Armor was created because of the need for additional guarding on heavy machinery like excavators and skid steers. These machines are increasingly being tasked as stand-alone machines because of their ability to carry multiple different tools to get the job done, and they dominate the modern job site.

What does “enhanced guarding” mean?

“Enhanced guarding” is a term that we use that describes our product’s ability to enhance the built-in protection level of the ROPS/FOPS/OPS on a machine. Our products bolt on in provisional locations on the meaning there is no welding to your certified cab.

What is the difference between polycarbonate and ballistic polycarbonate?

There are a lot of different types of polycarbonate. THe main difference between standard polycarbonate and a ballistic polycarbonate is the rating process that ballistic polycarbonate undergoes. Ballistic rated polycarbonate must be able to withstand a ballistic attack as tested at the Underwriters Laboratories. If the testing is successful, the product can be labeled as a UL752 Level polycarbonate.

Why is UL rating so important?

Having an Underwriters Laboratory rating is very important because it means that the product has passed a series of tests designed to make the product fail. For instance, a UL752 Level 1 polycarbonate mush withstand a ballistic attack from a 9mm full metal jacket projectile with a lead core.

How does bolt-on guarding work?

Bolt-on guard products are designed to be easily installed by the end user using as many “factory” parts as possible. We design and build these devices to mount into provisional locations already located on the cab.

Do I need to weld anything to my machine?

NO. Our guard products do not require any welding to the cab of the machine. In most cases this will void FOPS/ROPS rating previously established through the manufacturer.

Does this product work with the emergency escape features on my machine?

All Heavy Equipment Armor brand guarding is designed to work with the OEM safety escape features when installed correctly.

Can I have custom work done to my machine?

Heavy Equipment Armor does do custom work on excavators and other equipment.

Is it necessary to add guarding to a machine that is used to dig?

Every machine on an active job site should have some type of additional guarding to protect the operator and the equipment, but the addition of a steel screen may literally be the difference in life and death of an operator.

Can I get replacement parts easily?

Yes just give us a call today for any parts that you may be needing?