Komatsu is a world-renowned manufacturer and supplier of full-line construction equipment, from the smallest compact construction size to the largest mining size. They are currently the second-largest, fully integrated manufacturer and supplier in North America, and boast a strong reputation for quality and reliability.

At Heavy Equipment Armor, we specialize in creating bolt-on guarding, ballistic windows, and top cab guards for Komatsu Excavator products.

What Equipment Does Komatsu Offer?

Komatsu offers a wide range of equipment, from Excavators to Skid steers, trucks, and motor graders.

The Komatsu Hydraulic Excavators are top of the industry, made from the best quality materials and superior design and craftsmanship. Their excavators can withstand extremely tough conditions thanks to their casting design. Moreover, the equipment has up to six machine working modes, allowing it to produce fast cycle times, precise bucket movements, and incredible lifting results.

The cabs are designed with the operator in mind to allow the staff to work in the safest, and most comfortable environment. The display monitor is one of the biggest in the industry, giving the operator the ability to monitor and manage the machine, site metrics, and the area behind the equipment.

Should You Protect Your Equipment?

Of all negotiable things on a site, protecting your Komatsu Excavator is NOT one of them. Proper protection ensures that:

  • The staff working on-site can carry out their activities.
  • You can lower liability insurance premiums.
  • You have peace of mind.

Who Are We?

At Heavy Equipment Armor, our job is to safeguard operators in all working environments. If you have a Komatsu Excavator to guard, Call us to get guarding  208.304.0002