A Higher Level of Protection with Our Excavator Brush Guards!

     Getting the job done and doing it safely is our core belief at Heavy Equipment Armor. With numerous hours of work at different job sites, we understand that accidents can occur when you least expect it. That’s why we created a bolt-on excavator guarding to help protect operators and their equipment. We’ve made it our business to safeguard operators in all working environments. Whether you are operating a hammer, auger, log processor, mulcher, or simply digging a hole, you can feel secure with our excavator cab protection! 

We have also created a bolt-on line of excavator guarding products that include steel front window screens, top guards, and rock guards to ensure your team and equipment is protected at all times. Excavator brush guard protection guards also include a bolt on the UL752 Level 1 ballistic front window. Custom cab guard packages include running boards, light kits, box guards and more are available.


Custom guarding is available and is fabricated to the machine at our Northern Idaho facility. Have Questions? Call us!

Brush Guards for Excavators


Heavy Equipment Armor Top Guards provide additional operator protection for standard construction excavator cabs. Heavy Equipment Armor guards are designed to give operators the peace of mind that their cabin is protected from unforeseen impacts that may encounter on challenging construction and forestry job sites. Designed to fit most Caterpillar and Komatsu excavators in the 6–95-ton class excavators. This add-on attachment installs in less than an hour without special tools or modification to the cab. HEA cab guard is available for all appropriate applications and as an option to AFE disc mulchers.


  • Allows for natural light to show through while protecting the sky light.
  • Includes emergency escape hatch to get out quickly. NOTE: Not all machines have a skylight escape hatch.
  • Installs easily through the use of factory mounting locations.
  • Our excavator bolt on top guard are currently available for the following Caterpillar excavators:
    • 306, 307.5, 308, 309, 310, 311D, 311F, 311FL RR, 312D, 312E, 313, 313GC, 313F, 313FL, 315, 315GC, 315D, 315DL, 316E, 316F, 316FL, 317, 317GC, 318E, 318EL, 318F, 318FL, 319DL, 319DLN, 320, 320GC, 320D, 320DL, 320DLRR, 320E, 320EL, 320ELRR, 320F, 320FL, 323, 323DL, 323DLN, 323F, 323FL, 324DL, 324E, 324EL, 325, 325D, 325DL, 325F, 326, 326F, 329DL, 329E, 329EL, 329F, 330, 330GC, 330D, 330DL, 330F, 335, 335F, 335FL, 336GC, 336D, 336DL, 336E, 336EL, 336F, 336FL, 345D, 345DL, 349, 349E, 349EL, 349F, 352, 352F, 374, 374DL, 374F, 374FL, 390DL, 390F, 390FL, 395.
  • Our excavator bolt on top guard are currently available for the following Komatsu excavators:

    • PC138USLC-10/11, PC170LC-10/11, PC210LC-10/11, HB215LC-3, PC240LC-10/11, PC290LC-10/11, PC360LC-10/11, HB365LC-3, PC390LC-10/11, PC490LC-10/11.

Bolt on Excavator 2x2 Steel Window Screen

Caterpillar Excavator 2x2 Steel Screen
Komatsu Excavator 2x2 Steel Screen

Excavator Top Cab Guard

Caterpillar Excavator Bolt-On Top Cab Guard
Komatsu Excavator Bolt-On Top Cab Guard