Heavy Equipment Guarding for Kubota Skid Steers

Need protective equipment for your Kubota skid steer? Heavy Equipment Armor has everything you need – whether you work in construction or logging. Read on to learn more!

Kubota SVL 97-2 Ballistic Door and Top Guard and Cooler

Who is Kubota?

Kubota is a provider of a wide variety of construction and industrial equipment. Based in Osaka, Japan, it’s one of the market leaders in the sales of tractors, utility vehicles, construction, and agricultural equipment, with more than 1,100 dealers in the United States alone. At Heavy Equipment Armor, we have brought our Defender Ballistic Door, and Top Guard to the Kubota SVL95-2 skid steers and Kubota SVL97-2 skid steers. Protect your equipment and protect your workers with our guarding products!

What Equipment Does Kubota Offer?

Kubota offers a wide variety of equipment including lawnmowers, utility vehicles, tractors, and agricultural equipment, and agricultural equipment. We carry heavy equipment protection products for Kubota skid steers.

Skid Steers – Kubota skid steers are ideal for lifting, digging, and other tasks in tight places where wheel loaders, dozers, and rough terrain forklifts can’t be used. They’re excellent for negotiating dense forest, as well as tight residential and commercial areas, and are very versatile with a wide variety of attachments like grapples, rotary cutters, tree pullers, graders, and more. We offer different skid steer guarding products to keep your team safe, including skid steer skeleton door guards & ballistic door guards.

Should You Protect Your Equipment? YES!

Of course, you should! Protecting your Kubota skid steer is extremely important. By protecting your equipment, you protect the operator of the equipment, too – reducing the risks of injuries and accidents.

This helps reduce the risks of accidents happening in the first place – and helps reduce possible liability and insurance complications after an accident. Protect your Kubota skid steer and get peace of mind – contact us now to explore our lineup of cab guards and other protective equipment.