A Higher Level of Protection


     Machines that take on forestry, earth moving, and mining jobs are built tough, but they need an added level of protection from the large debris they are exposed to. Those big branches and rubble can not only do damage to the cab but are also very dangerous for operators. If your machine’s primary application includes any kind of falling debris or large objects, you should consider Heavy Equipment Armor’s Bolt on Top Guard. When you do that through Heavy Equipment Armor, you know that both your machine and your end users can get the job done safely.

     Getting the job done and doing it safely is our core belief at Heavy Equipment Armor. With numerous hours of work on different job sites we understand that accidents can occur to anyone at any time, and anywhere. That is why we created a bolt-on top guard product to help protect operators and their equipment. We have made it our business to safeguard operators in all working environments. Whether you are operating a hammer, auger, log processor, mulcher, or simply digging a hole, you can feel secure in knowing your machine is equipped with an enhanced industrial grade guarding!

• Allows for natural light to show through while protecting the sky light.
• Includes emergency escape hatch to get out quickly. NOTE: Not all machines have a skylight escape hatch.
• Installs easily using CAT factory mounting locations.
• Fits Cat C, D, E, F and Next Gen model cabs.