We offer complete fabrication of custom guard packages to guard and protect your employees, investments, and your machines.

  • Enhanced Cab Guarding with UL752 3/4” Level 1 Ballistic Defender Window.
  • Excavator Cab Guarding with 2x2” steel screen.
  • Light Kit (6) LED lights on cab guard & (4) LED Lights mounted on boom guard.
  • Logger style running boards.
  • 1 piece port hole skid plate.
  • Right side logger style box with (2) LED lights.

View the additional Excavator protection equipment protection that we offer.

Please note: Excavator must be brought to our location so we can install the correct custom guard package. Guarding that requires the machine to be at our location are Logger Style Running Boards, Light Kit for boom guard and Right Side Logger Style Box with lights.

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Excavator Guarding Options
cat 323f 433
CAT308E2 Custom Guarding Logger Style Window (7)
CAT308E2 Custom Guarding Logger Style Window (21)
Caterpillar 307E2 Enhanced Guarding
CAT308E2 Enhanced Guarding
Caterpillar 308E2 CR Enhanced Guarding
CAT 313F Bolt-On Excavator Guard
Caterpillar 316F Enhanced Guarding
Caterpillar 323 Next Generation with Ballistic Window
Caterpillar 309 with Ballistic Window