A Higher Level of Protection


     There are two different skeleton steel front door guards, the only difference between the two is the screen spacing. They both easily mount up to the factory CAT polycarbonate door, on the CAT Skid Steer “D” Models. Installation time is approximately 1 hour.

- Easily mounts up to the factory door.
- No modifications to carrier required.
- Installs to CAT factory door in about an hour.
-Available in 2 styles, 5x5” or 2.5x5”.

     The Skeleton Front Door Guard for CAT skid steers installs easily onto the skid steer using factory hardware from your original door, including hinges, lock system and emergency escape system. Integrated push bumper system spreads weight of door over cab, keeping weight off the hinges. Contact us to learn more.

     Skeleton Front Door Guard fits must “D” model skid steers. Be safe knowing you have added protection to your front poly-carbonate door.


PLEASE NOTE: This enhanced guarding is intended as a brush guard only. It is not a certified fops/rops guard.

Caterpillar 236D Skeleton Door 2.5x5
Caterpillar 266D 2.5x5 Skeleton Door
Caterpillar 299D XHP 2.5x5 Skeleton Door
Caterpillar 226D 5x5 Skeleton Door
Caterpillar 236D 5x5 Skeleton Door
Caterpillar 272D2 Skeleton Door 5x5
Caterpillar 299D2 XHP 5x5 Skeleton Door