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Heavy Equipment Armor was founded by the owner of Advanced Forest Equipment, Engineer of the original disc mulcher for skid steers. Being a mulching contractor for over 36 years, and safety always being a priority, he designed and built custom guarding to protect his operators and equipment. Eventually, the heavy equipment protection became available to purchase through Advanced Forest Equipment. Due to the inquiries received about heavy equipment guarding, it became apparent there was a need in the industry that was not being filled; Heavy Equipment Armor was established. Guarding that was available through Advanced Forest Equipment is now under the HEA name. With new heavy equipment protection products continually being engineered and coming to the market.

HEA manufactures steel skid steer guarding and UL752 Level 1 ballistic guarding for Caterpillar, Kubota, Bobcat, and Komatsu skid steers and excavators. Bolt on steel front door guards and cab guards are available for skid steers. HEA manufactures enhanced guarding for both skid steers and excavators.

For excavators, we deliver a bolt-on line of guarding products that include steel front window screens, top guards, and rock guards, and a bolt on UL752 Level 1 ballistic front window. Custom cab guard packages include running boards, light kits, box guards and more are available. Custom guarding is available and is fabricated to the machine at our Northern Idaho facility.

Heavy Equipment Armor products are built to fit individual models and machines to ensure maximum protection of the operator and equipment. HEA polycarbonate products are made of UL752 Level 1 polycarbonate that can stand a ballistic attack. They are not milled or drilled so that they are not susceptible to micro fractures. Most polycarbonate, offered by other companies are not ballistic rated, they are only impact rated and have been milled and drilled to fit hinges and handles.

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