A Higher Level of Protection with Caterpillar & Komatsu Excavator Window Guards

     The new HEA excavator windshield guard protects operators from flying debris that may be encountered while operating heavy machinery. Our Defender Ballistic Series windows were designed by contractors who run heavy equipment and have been tested using ballistic standards. Our excavator window protection is a UL752 rated, level 1 ballistic polycarbonate window. Unlike the OEM window that already comes installed, ours can withstand a ballistic attack. The Defender Ballistic Series is mounted to the machine using the factory locations on the front of the cab.

     Enhance the safety of your excavator with a UL752 Level 1 ballistic bolt-on excavator windshield guard better known as the Defender Ballistic Window. Regardless of the equipment, you are operating, you will feel safe knowing there is a 3/4” bullet-resistant door in place, to help protect your BIGGEST ASSET – YOU!

     Our ballistic grade window not only adds extra protection to your excavator and you, but it is ideal for any job you will encounter. If you are reclaiming and deforestation, in steep areas like riverbanks, power lines, pipe lines, and railroad right of ways, or doing fuel reduction to prevent forest fires. Our Defender Ballistic Window and custom guarding is the protection you can count on!

     The ballistic grade front excavator window guards are designed with a unique fitment. They are bonded to a steel frame and are not milled and drilled out so that they are less susceptible to micro fractures.

Our defender excavator windshield guards are currently available for the following Caterpillar excavator models:

306, 307.5, 308, 309, 310, 311D, 311F, 311FL RR, 312D, 312E, 313, 313GC, 313F, 313FL, 315, 315GC, 315D, 315DL, 316E, 316F, 316FL, 317, 317GC, 318E, 318EL, 318F, 318FL, 319DL, 319DLN, 320, 320GC, 320D, 320DL, 320DLRR, 320E, 320EL, 320ELRR, 320F, 320FL, 323, 323DL, 323DLN, 323F, 323FL, 324DL, 324E, 324EL, 325, 325D, 325DL, 325F, 326, 326F, 329DL, 329E, 329EL, 329F, 330, 330GC, 330D, 330DL, 330F, 335, 335F, 335FL, 336GC, 336D, 336DL, 336E, 336EL, 336F, 336FL, 345D, 345DL, 349, 349E, 349EL, 349F, 352, 352F, 374, 374DL, 374F, 374FL, 390DL, 390F, 390FL, 395.

And for the following Komatsu excavator models:

PC138USLC-10/11, PC170LC-10/11, PC210LC-10/11, HB215LC-3, PC240LC-10/11, PC290LC-10/11, PC360LC-10/11, HB365LC-3, PC390LC-10/11, PC450LC-10/11, PC490LC-10/11.

The product line for our Excavator windshield guards is continually expanding to other makes and models of equipment.

What Makes Our Ballistic Windows Different?

     Our excavator window guards have not been drilled or milled therefore making it less susceptible to micro-fractures and is bonded to a steel frame making it flex less. Unlike most excavator windows that might be rated for heavy impact, the Defender Window is rated to withstand a ballistic attack. Our excavator windshield guards have been designed to install with your factory window components. No matter the industry your machine may be in, it's time to put real protection in place for you and your operators!

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*Bullet resistant does not mean “bullet proof”, the Level 1 polycarbonate installed in the Defender Ballistic Window is rated to withstand a ballistic attack from a 124 grain, 9mm FMJ lead core projectile from 15 feet with a shot spacing of 4 inches. This test is performed in a controlled environment at varying temperatures as low as -26 F and as high as 120 F (outside temperature).

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Caterpillar Defender Ballistic Window Product Information
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