Chris Sumpter
"I purchased the HEA windshield for my Cat 309. Great product with one exception the HEA symbol is an eye obstruction looking up which in the terrain I run in ALOT!" May 7, 2021

Warren B.

"I recently traded in my 2017 Kubota SVL95-2 for the 2021 SVL97-2 and put HEA in contact with my Kubota dealer here in Jacksonville Florida. I had done the research on your roof mount hydraulic cooler and as a retired Aerospace Engineer-was very impressed by your product. Had John Cassidy of the dealership contact y’all and had the new cooler shipped and installed on the new machine before picking it up. Awesome cooler. I can’t say enough about about the coolers performance and it’s design profile. Performance is as expected “great”. Simple maintenance to clear fine debris out. Hatches are tough and military grad. New back up camera is totally protected by your design which is another plus. Temperatures here are now near 100 degrees and working the forestry head at RPM with your cooler have enhanced my machines performance. Mind you common sense by the operator (me at 72) monitoring temps on the machine dictate not running the machine at Aux 2 maximum flow for prolonged periods is these high heat conditions. My rule of thumb is don’t French Fry the seals! I don’t mulch in the late afternoon noon when heat advisories are issued for outside work as in the military. Climate changes with high heat effect machines as it does humans. Enough said. I believe I and the first in SE Georgia area with your hydraulic cooler and get a lot of attention and inquiries. I hope it helps out with your sales. Again, spot on engineering."  June 25th, 2021

Chris W.

"I’ve purchased a cab guard from you about a month and a half ago. And I wanted to reach out and say that your quality is awesome and today kind of saved my ass. I am working on a fuel suppression project in Northern California, and I backed into a scrub oak tree that then proceeded to fall on the machine. The armor is a little worse for wear but at least it prevented a huge limb from landing directly on the back of my machine and potentially crushing the cam. Good work!” October 21, 2021.

Enhanced Cab Guard Review