Heavy Equipment Armor is devoted to delivering the high-performance equipment you need to get the job done. From construction equipment to forestry guards, we provide extra protection to you and your machine so you can complete your work safely.

     The Kubota skid steer armor we design, and produce aren't universal fits, we don't cut corners making a one-size-fits-all product. Rather, we find the best possible fit for each machine to ensure the best performance when it comes to the safety of you and your workers. And our line now includes forestry guard enhancements specifically engineered for the KUBOTA SVL95-2S. 

     This incredibly capable compact track loader from Kubota can certainly get the job done. Rated to operate with 3,200lbs and a bucket breakout force of over 7,900lbs, there is plenty of power to be had in a small, heavy package. The whole deal can weigh nearly 11,300lbs during routine work. 

     While all this strength and stability come in handy when you've got a job to do, it can also mean that you need to proceed with caution. The kinds of weight that this machine is ready to handle can sometimes surprise you. From loads shifting unexpectedly to materials giving way in an instant, you'll want to make sure you can trust the barrier between you and any incoming force.

     Implements were made to make your life easy, but that doesn't mean they're always safe. Anytime you're working with power, whether you're hammering at stone, hauling away trees, or mulching over rocky ground, things can turn dangerous because of things that aren't under your control. But you can breathe easy no matter what you're working with HEA's heavy equipment protection. 

Kubota Skid Steer Armor you can trust!

     We specialize in working with steel guarding and polycarbonate products that always make the grade. Ballistic doors, and enhanced guards can all work within the setup that your Kubota came with, without sacrificing any functionality. Thanks to the custom fit, you'll still be able to lift the cab for service and work the door with the arms raised.

     The proof of our strength lies in the testing. The polycarbonate we use as part of our Kubota skid steer armor is rated at UL752 Level 1. This means that even though you've got a clear view going out, there's isn't much that can get in. We designed our pieces to withstand the force of a ballistic assault equal to multiple hits from a 9mm bullet traveling over 1,000 feet per second.

     The polycarbonate forestry guard enhancements for the Kubota svl95 you're buying from us aren't milled or drilled, but many other companies who are literally cutting corners can't make the same guarantee. It can be cheaper to mass produce a form then alter it to fit a specific model, but the costs come back in durability. These products generally won't make it above a rating for heavy impact once they've been altered to fit hinges and handles, which leave them at the whim of micro-fractures.

     Our superior systems aren't only going to bolster the strength of your machines, they'll be available with very little wait. We can have the parts you need with a seven-day turnaround. When they arrive, you can be confident of their fit once you firmly secure them with heavy-duty bolts that fit into the openings your machine already has.

     These perfect-fit, Kubota skid steer armor that HEA provides weren't born on a whim. Decades of experience working with industrial forestry equipment led to the development of custom safeguards to protect both operators and machines from the dangers that come with the work. Expansion of the production was fueled by an industry in search of high-quality products, and HEA was born. 

     The integrated hydraulic oil cooler from Heavy Equipment Armor greatly reduces the risk of overheating in skid steers and hydraulically powered attachments when operating in demanding applications and hot work environments. The automatic thermostatically controlled fan provides adequate cooling to the system whenever needed to boost machine efficiency, even when an attachment is not being used.

     Our oil cooler cab mount is integrated into the enhanced Kubota Cab Guard and sits neatly on the roof. The guarding reduces any potential impact damage and it is less susceptible to vibration, back pressure, and debris build-up. 

Skid Steer oil coolers help:

  • Maintain the correct temperatures
  • Extend the lifespan of the machine’s components
  • Improves efficiency
  • Reduces the cost of maintenance and repairs

     We're ready to help you protect your most valuable assets on the job – your people. And you do that by protecting your machines with HEA's Kubota svl Forestry Guards.

Contact us at 208-304-0002 to learn more about how we can offer you effective guarding equipment for your Kubota SVL95-2.


*Bullet resistant does not mean “bullet proof”, the Level 1 polycarbonate installed in the Defender Door is rated to withstand a ballistic attack from a 124 grain, 9mm FMJ lead core projectile from 15 feet with a shot spacing of 4 inches. This test is performed in a controlled environment at varying temperatures as low as -26 F and as high as 120 F (outside temperature).

PLEASE NOTE: This guard is intended as a brush guard only. It is not a certified FOPS/ROPS guard.