Accidents are not unusual when working with heavy equipment. At Heavy Equipment Armor, we make it our business to safeguard large equipment and their operators across all working environments. We create a range of guarding products for excavator equipment and skid steers you can use to ensure safety while at a job site in Texas.

Who We Are

Heavy Equipment Armor was established by the engineer of the original disc mulcher for skid steers, who also owns Advanced Forest Equipment. With over 36 years of experience working as a mulching contractor where safety is always critical, the engineer designed and developed custom guarding to safeguard his equipment and operators. Over time, the skid steer & excavator equipment guarding products became available for sale at Advanced Forest Equipment, and that is how Heavy Equipment Armor was eventually born.

Excavator Equipment Guarding

At Heavy Equipment Armor, we prioritize safety. That is why we built a bolt-on excavator guarding to enable you to complete your job safely. Our excavator cab protection can also help you feel protected if you’re operating a log processor, mulcher, auger, or hammer.  Whether your job site is located in Dallas, Houston, Austin, or San Antonio make sure your equipment and operators are protected.

Skid Steer Door Guards & Cab Guarding

Our line of skid steer guarding products offers additional protection to operators and equipment. This can help reduce the risk of injuries, decreasing the overall business costs and disruption. With our high-quality skid steer protection products like cab enclosure guards and skid steer door guards, you go about your work without worrying about safety.

Buy Superior Equipment Guarding Products from Heavy Equipment Armor

Regardless of your working environment whether it is construction, forestry or demolition it is essential to provide maximum protection to your team and heavy equipment. Our excavator equipment guarding and skid steer guarding products in Texas can help you achieve that purpose. Have questions? or need Custom Skid Steer or Excavator guarding?